Friday, November 15, 2013

Free Very Vanilla Cupcake Hat Pattern

This pattern is written in a newborn size, great for photos or just one who is as sweet as a cupcake. This pattern uses simple knit and crochet stitches. If you dont know how to crochet, a good knit cherry pattern can be found here.

Bulky weight yarn or two strands of worsted, held together, One "wrapper" color, one "icing" color, about 50 yards of each. I recommend using an acrylic or wool/acrylic blend
Size 10 DPNs
Seed Beads in sprinkle color
matching thread to "icing" color
A small amount of cherry color, worsted weight
One cotton ball or small amount of Polyfil
Very small amount of stem color, worsted weight
G hook
E hook

12 sts=4 in


co 40 sts with "wrapper" color
PM for start of round
work 2x2 rib for 2” 
Next Row: purl  
two rows 2x2 rib 

* change color to "icing" here

Row 1: knit  
Row 2-3: purl 
Rows 4-7: knit 
Row 8: knit row, dec 6 sts evenly around.
Row 9: purl 
Rows 10-12: knit 
Row 13: knit row, dec 6 evenly around.
Row 14: purl
Row 15-16: knit 
Row 17: Knit row, Dec 6 sts, evenly around
Row 18: purl  
Row 19: knit  
Row 20: knit row, dec 6 sts, evenly around
Row 21: purl 
Row 22: K2TOG around.
Row 23: purl 
Finish off, thread yarn needle with working yarn, then pull thread through all stitches. knot and weave in end.

Cherry: (This part is done in crochet)
Using G hook, work 6 SC in MC, PM for start of round.
Row 1: Work 2 SC in each SC around
Row 2: *SC, 2 Sc in next St. Repeat from * around.
Row 3-5: Work even
Row 6: *SC, SC2tog. repeat from * around.
Stuff cotton ball into cherry
Row 7: *SC2tog repeat from * around.
Finish off and sew to the top of the hat.

Using E hook, attach stem color to cherry top
Ch 5
finish off.

Using thread, randomly sew beads onto hat. I like to use bugle beads or seed beads, for more realistic "sprinkles". Sprinkles are a potential choking hazard, so I would recommend using them if the hat is for a photo prop or under parental supervision.

Feel free to share the pattern, and sell the hats, but please give me credit for the pattern. Thanks!

This pattern is currently being tested, if you find errata, please comment below. Thanks!


  1. I would love to make this for my granddaughter but would need a 3-6 month size at least. Can you suggest pattern adjustments? I've never been very good at that!

  2. Sure, you could either go up a size or two in needle, (that would be the easiest) or you could cast on 4 or 8 more stitches, then add a few more decrease rows to the top "icing" part. I hope you enjoy the pattern!

  3. Awwwwwweeee, his is sssssoooo cute. Thank you so much for your pattern.

  4. What would I have to do to make this single ply?