Sunday, September 22, 2013

Belt Backed Chair DIY

I found this chair in my neighbor's trash (yes, I checked for bedbugs!) They were moving and didn't want to take it. I absolutely loved the arms and knew I had to save it from the trash pile. It is actually a Thomasville Chair Company chair, so it was excellently made and very sturdy.

I took off the seat and ripped off the fabric.

I had some grey primer in my basement from another project, so I gave it two coats of that.

I immediately knew it would look awesome orange, so I went to Meijer and bought some pumpkin orange spray paint, and gave it two more coats.

I had some tan wool fabric in my stash and I covered the seat, stapling it to the underside of the wood base.

It was missing the back, so I decided to use some belts instead. I went to Goodwill and purchased three for $1.50 each. I strapped them around and drilled a screw in the side so they would stay in place.

The ends of the belt were long and were dangling, so I dabbed on some Amazing Goop glue (what I had on hand), clipped some binder clips on and let it dry. I then had my hubby clip off those screw ends with a big clippy tool (do you like my technical lingo?)

(And yes, I am going to paint that ugly pink filing cabinet!)

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