Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Duck Dynasty Beard Pattern

I just had to share my finished project, my Duck Dynasty Hat. I made this hat on commission for a two year old boy for Halloween, and I think it turned out super cute! I used Lion Brand Homespun for the beard and a mix of yarns in camouflage for the hat. For the beard, I had my client measure from the ear of her son, under his nose, to the other ear. The measurement was 8".

Crocheted Beard:

I used size F hook, but you can use whatever size hook you would like.

Make chain 8", PM on center chain
row 1: SC across
row 2: SC across to 4 stitches before center marker, Ch 8, SC in 4th St after marker, SC across
row 3: SC first St, HDC across to last st, SC.
row 4: SC first 2 Sts, HDC across to last 2 Sts, SC last two Sts
row 5: SC first 3 Sts, HDC next st, DC across to last 4 sts, HDC, then SC last 3 sts

Finish off.

Cut 50 lengths of yarn 25" long (you may need more or less depending on the size of your beard.
Hold 2 lengths together, find middle. Starting at the bottom of the beard, use crochet hook to pull the middle through the stitches about 2". Pull ends through the loop and pull tight. This attaches the beard "hairs" so they won't come undone. Repeat, working up the rows until you get to the top. I did about three rows of hairs. Trim mustache and  beard to desired shape. I used a length of yarn to attach to the hat or you could make a loop to place over ears.


  1. What size is this beard for? I know you mentioned a 6 year old, do you have a pattern for an adult?

  2. This is adorable! I'm now racking my brain for an occasion to wear it (and therefore an excuse to make one...) Maybe I need to have one available JUST IN CASE I NEED IT! I love this thing!